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Crown Model CTR-550

Crown Model CTR-550 Tape Recorder - 1962-63

Crown Model CTR-550

Tape Recorder with Special Record Player Adapter

Mounted with The Special Record Player Adapter!

5 Transistor Tape-Recorder - Reel-to-Reel

CROWN Model CTV-14
Black and White TV with AM FM Radio 4'' - 10 cm TV
CROWN Model CTV-14
Black and White TV with AM FM Radio 4'' - 10 cm TV
No. 1. Portable Transistor TV RADIO 1968
30-Transistor TV - FM AM 2-Band Radio
"The Worlds Transistor Portable TV with Built-In AM FM Radio"
This was bought in Norway by a very Sportsinterested Customer
to watch The 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble!
1. Flag of Norway - Norge (NOR) 4 2 2 8
Norway Won 4 Gold 2 Silver 2 Bronce - 8 Medals in Total Place!
So I guess he, his family and friends saw this as a good investment!
System: Western European TV Standars
TV Receiving Channels: VHF 2 - 23 UHF 21 - 68
Frequency Range:
AM Radio MW 535 - 1605 KC
FM Band 88 - 108 MC
Power: Battery 9 D Size Flashlight Batteries CRC UM-1 or
Equivalent Crown AC Adaptor
Crown Radio Corporation - Tokyo - Japan
In U.S.A. Sold as:
Longines Symphonette LTV-77A "Adventurer"
Made in Tokyo Japan
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13.06 | 10:00

Fantastisk morsomt å se hvilket massivt arbeid som er lagt ned i denne siden!

01.02 | 11:47

Tack för en mycket trevlig radiosida och framför allt serviceinstruktionen till min Radionette Autofon AF 2, har nya nålar och snart ska den igång.