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Sansui   SANSUI Made in Japan

Sansui AU-719 Integrated Amplifier


SANSUI QRX 9001 QS Quad 4/2 Channel Receiver


SANSUI QRX 9001 QS Quad 4/2 Channel Receiver

AM FM Stereo Radio Receiver

This is The Holy Grail of Quad's ! 

Red. ref. (QRX9001/8001/999)

No other unit ever built in Japan comes close!


QS - Synthesizer - Hall - Surround - QS - SQ - CD-4/4-Ch - Direct SD-4 RADAR

Dolby noise reduction - 4 Direct-reading Power Meters

Dolby FM - Play - REC - Play Cal. - Rec. Level

Loudness - Tape Monitor - 2-Ch Tape - 4-Ch Tape - Aux

MIC - Front - Back - Level - Balance - Adj.

Power Output 4 Ch: 60 Watts pr ch. into 8 (4) ohms 20 - 20.000 Hz max 0,3 % THD

Power Output 2 Ch: 120 Watts in 2-Ch A (Power) x 2 20-20000 Hz 0.3 % THD

Power Supply 220 V AC - 580 Watts (Rated Power Consumption)

Max power consump. 860 Watts !


(100/120/220/240 V AC)

Weight: 23 Kg (50.7 lbs) net - Size: 60 x 17,4 x 41,5 cm

Ca. 25.8 Kg (56,9 lbs) Packed

TRC-6035 Tom's Radiocollection


VU Meter


SANSUI QRX 9001 QS Quad 4/2 Channel Receiver

Great Vintage Designed in 1976!

Serial no: 236.100.502 - (236100502) (1976)

Sansui QRX - 9100 QS

Sansui   SANSUI Made in Japan

SANSUI 990DB Stereo Receiver

SANSUI 990DB Stereo AM FM Receiver

Black Edition - European Edition


Power 220 V AC - 435 Watts (Rated)

Power Output: 125 Watts per channel 8 Ohm Stereo 10Hz - 30 kHz

Direct Power Output Meters 2 x 0 - 125 W (0 - 250 W Peak Power)

Signal Strength Meter + Tuningmeter

2 Tape Monitor - 2 Phono - Aux - Mic Level - Dolby

Low & High Filter - Loudness - Audio Muting - Speaker A+B+C

Bass + Defeat 150 Hz 300 Hz - Midrange - Treble + Defeat 3 kHz 1.5 kHz

Heavy Duty - Solid Equipment - 23.6 Kg

Serial no. 817.100.166

Sansui Electric Co., LTD 14-1, 2-Chome, Izumi, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Tom's Radiocollection - TRC-6030

Sansui Stereo Receiver 5050

Sansui Stereo Receiver 5050

Model No. 5050

Year - 1976

Serial no. 026102403

Tom's Radio Receiver Collection - TRC-6025 

Sansui Electric co., LTD. Chome Tokyo Made in Japan

Sansui   SANSUI Made in Japan

Sansui SE-9
Graphic Equalizer Special Black Rack Version
Sansui Electric Co., LTD.

Price new: 79,800yen(around the 1981 time)
Made in Japan in The 1980'ies

Sansui   SANSUI Made in Japan


Quartz-Servo Direct-Drive Turntable


Sansui SC-50 Pick-up

with adjustable antiskating weight

Speed 33  1/3 + 45 Rpm  + Pitch Control + Stroboscope

Manual Operation - 0,025 % WRMS - Platter 1,7 Kg - Player 12.8 Kg

Motor: 20 pole, 30 slot DC brushless type with built-in Frequency Generator

"Piano Jet Black Finish" with acrylic Cover

Price new: 250 £ (1978-80)

Power: 120 VAC connected to outlet on Sansui 990DB in My Collection

Serial no. 317.080.671

Tom's Radiocollection - TRC-6065

Sansui   SANSUI Made in Japan

Sansui SC-2000 Stereo Cassette Deck 1976 Model 120 VAC Serial no. 586.110.549

Sansui SC-2000 Stereo Cassette Deck

1976 Model

120 VAC Serial no. 586.110.549

Sansui SC-2100
Stereo Cassette Deck 

Direct-O-Matic Loading System
Year 1976
 Made in Japan

Serial no. 587.060.979

Tom's Radiocollection - TRC-6045

Sansui SC-3003 Stereo Cassette Deck

Sansui SC-3003

Stereo Cassette Deck

Year 1977

Black & Silvergrey Model

Weight 8 Kg! Heavy Duty Stereo Equipment! 220 VAC 14,5 W

Serial no. 586.080.359

Sansui Electric Co. LTD. Tokyo Japan


Stereo Cassette Deck
1980 Model
Great Black Finish & Design
Full Automatic Shut Off...
Sansui Electric Co., LTD Tokyo Japan
Tom's Sansui Collection - TRC-6050 -

Sansui D-X419HX Stereo Cassette Deck

Sansui D-X419HX Stereo Cassette Deck

Year 1982

Black & Gold Finish Model HX PRO MPX Computerized Dual Function with AMS

230 VAC (Europa Model) 18 W Serial no. 533.080.781

Tom's Radiocollection - TRC-6055 

Sansui Electric Co., LTD. Made in Taiwan!

Sansui   SANSUI Made in Japan


Reverberation Amplifier


Serial no. 218.040.062 - Made in Japan

Tom's Radiocollection - TRC-6085



Top Sound! In Daily Use!

"Very Close" to "Tube-Sound"! 

Made in Tokyo - Japan

Serial Number 832.120.553  - Tom's Radiocollection - TRC-6005
As young, fresh educated, Radio-officer - 
I sailed to New York - U.S.A several times on my first ship "Dyvi Oceanic".
I always took a trip into the Big City, and was of course highly amazed
 over what The Electronic Shops had to offer in this great town!
Walls up and down filled with great stereo - amplifiers!
My dream was to buy a Sansui - and after some months sailing I bought:

"My First Sansui - The Great AU - 555 A"
From 1967 to 1970,
Sansui introduced the array of
the single number three digits integrated amplifiers .

They were AU-222, AU-333, AU-555,
AU-666, AU-777, AU-888, and AU-999

followed by improved versions;

AU-555A and AU-777D.

The sound of this series was very close to that of tube amps!

Even mixing with tube amplifierswith frequency divided multi-power amps system,

 "It sounded natural" - Great Sansui Sound!

SANSUI AU-555A - Specifications - Data

Power output: 20 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 50kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.5%

Damping factor: 12

Input sensitivity: 3.5mV (mic), 2mV (MM), 200mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 80dB (MM), 80dB (line)

Output: 140mV (line)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Semiconductors: 22 x transistors, 6 x diodes, 4 x thermistors, 1 x SCR

Dimensions: 15 x 4-3/8 x 10-7/8 inches

Weight: 17.4 lbs 

Sansui AU-2900 Integrated Amplifier

Sansui AU-2900 Integrated Amplifier

1976 - 1978

Tom's Radiocollection TRC-6012


Sansui AU-719

Red.Ref # - New Photo's 18.2.2017 - Tom's Stereo Collection




Integrated Amplifier Super Fidelity DC/DC

Model Year - 1979

# Private ref. Storage Photo - Better Photos on the way .. #

High quality precision stepped volume control for equal left and right channel output.
90 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms
Slew rate: +- 170V/uS
Damping Factor: 110 into 8 ohms(Both channels driven).

Frequency response at 1 Watt:  0 - 400,000 Hz. +0 db, -3 db.

Power output: Min. 90 Watt RMS per Channel into 8 ohms both channels driven

Freq. 10 to 20,000 Hz, with no more than 0.015%

Total harmonic distortion less than 0.015%
Intermodulation distortion less than 0.015%

Protection circuitry
Dimensions 430mm w 168mm h 395 mm

Weight - 16 Kg ! Heavy Duty Equipment!

The Au 719 series of Sansui Amplifiers also have

The Diamond Differential/DC circuit configuration design unlike Sansui's earlier Au series models and is a step up from the Au 717 series of amplifiers.
What this means is that the amplifier reduces harmonic and intermodulation distortion to previously unheard of lows.



TU-5900 AM-FM Stereo Tuner

Model Year: 1976

The Sansui TU-5900 is a perfectly matched component for AU Series integrated amplifiers!

Analog AM FM Tuner with Sensitivity: 1.8uV on FM


Sansui Electric Co. LTD - 14-1, 2-Chome, Izumi, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Serial no. 027031967

Sansui T-60
AM FM Stereo Tuner
1980 Model Black Finish & Design
Serial No. 840051962
Sansui Electric Corp. Tokyo Japan...
Tom's Radio Collection - TRC-6095 -

Sansui   SANSUI Made in Japan

Sansui SE-9
Graphic Equalizer Special Black Rack Version

(Note Sidehandles demounted on photo, sorry)
Sansui Electric Co., LTD.
Made in Japan in The 1980'ies
This Vintage, Retro Sansui SE-9 equalizer,

was the best EQ ever made, compared to its competitors.

It's unique features, like the motorizer sliders that can move without you having to push them makes it really outstanding....
It has the following features:
- Motorized 8-band per channel EQ (+/- 12 dB)
- Spectrum analyzer with selectable channel
- 4 user Presets, plus flat Preset.
- Room acoustics Analyzer and Compensator (both flat response and reverberance) -

 - Pink noise Generator.
- up to two decks can be connected to it.
- 3 position selector for monitoring
- Dubbing selector for two decks.
It's a truly special for passionate vintage hi-fi lovers.

Sansui   SANSUI Made in Japan


Vintage Compact Disc Player 1987

Black Finish with Golden Logo Name & Markings

21 Random Program Memory AMPS SEARCH Auto Space

Tom's CD Player Collection - TRC-6120

Tokyo Japan

Compact Disc Player
Vintage 1990 Model in Black Design
Serial No. 6 11 15285
Sansui Electric Co., LTD Tokyo Japan...
Tom's Sansui Collection - TRC-6125

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