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Hit Bit Home Computer

Model HB-75P


These I sold myself in my own Electronic Shop!


Serial no. 425247

Made in Japan

# Tom's Private Collection No: TRC-5200 #

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This is a quite popular MSX 1 computer. As soon as it was available (in Europe at least), a lot of extensions were already available too, making the HB-75 a quite complete system. It is also a quite well designed computer.

There's a built-in piece of software (Personal Data Bank) available on startup and composed of an agenda (scheduler), a memo, an address manager and a transfer utility. And you could save your work via a special RAM cartridge.

There is a ROM of 48 KB : 16 KB for the integrated software and 32 KB for the Basic. The RAM is composed of 64 KB and 16 KB for the video. You can connect a disk drive controller to the second cartridge slot which is at the back of the computer, the primary cartridge slot being on top.

Foreign models where named HB-75F for France, HB-75D for Germany or HB-75P for PAL models...

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13.06 | 10:00

Fantastisk morsomt å se hvilket massivt arbeid som er lagt ned i denne siden!

01.02 | 11:47

Tack för en mycket trevlig radiosida och framför allt serviceinstruktionen till min Radionette Autofon AF 2, har nya nålar och snart ska den igång.